Docking Station 9 IN 1 with Dual DisplayPort

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Selore&S-Global Multiple Display USB C Docking Station Video Resolution Configurations:

  • Single Display DP or HDMI up to 4K 60HZ 3840 x 2160, while the source is DP1.4.
  • Dual Monitors Display up to 4K 30HZ 3840 x 2160 ( HDMI + DP ).
  • Triple Display up to 4K 30HZ 1920 x 1080 ( HDMI +DP 1+ DP 2 ).


  • 2 * DP ports: Max resolution up to 4Kx2K 60Hz (While the source is DP1.4)
  • 1 * HDMI port: 4Kx2K 60Hz / 3840x2160 (work separately while the source is DP1.4)
  • 3 * USB 3.0 ports: Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB2.0/USB1.1
  • 1 * SD/TF card slots: Data transfer speed up to 104 MB/s; works with SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD, and MMC. It can be read at the same time.
  • 1 * PD 3.0 port: Up to 100W power delivery


  1. Please connect the power when connecting your device to monitors for streaming; Charge your laptop while connecting an external device. (Please use a PD charger with 100W).
  2. To achieve optimal 4K@60Hz(3840 x 2160) resolution, please use a 4K screen display and HDMI 2.0 cable.
  3. It is normal to heat up after using the dual monitor 2 HDMI adapter for a period of time; Because the shell will heat up for heat diffusion and protect the internal circuit board.
  4. EDID(Extended Display Identification Data) may blackout for a few seconds(1 minute at max, depending on Laptop and monitor) when data is transferred; Please be patient and wait for the data completed.
  5. All functions of the USB C docking station can only function perfectly if the USB-C port of your laptop supports data transfer, power supply, and video output(DisplayPort); If the USB-C port only supports one of these functions, the docking station only supports the corresponding functions; Please let us know if you are not sure this docking station compatible with your devices, we will check for you.

2 Displayport &1 HDMI Ports Can Work Simultaneously

Triple Display on Windows OS-Supports MST

Mirror & Non-mirror Mode on Mac OS

  1. USB C docking station for Apple laptop (OS system) that extends laptop 3
  2. For Apple computer users (MAC OS), extend mode can only extend the laptop's images, other monitors only mirror each other due to the Mac OS system restriction.
  3. For Mac OS it supports Extend mode (A to B/B/B), set by: Display>Arrangement>Mirror Displays.

Compatible With (Tested):

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S9+ /S9/S8+ /S8 Plus, Note 10/9/8
  • Huawei Macbook Mate10/Mate10 pro/Mate20/ Mate20 pro/Mate30/ Mate30Pro
  • Lenovo: Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB/Yoga 900-13ISK/Yoga 910/Yoga 920/Yoga 930
  • Dell: Dell XPS12(9250)/Dell XPS13(9350)/Dell XPS15(9550)/Dell Latitude 13 7000/Latitude 13 E7370L
  • Microsoft: Surface Pro7/Surface Go 2/Surface Pro 8/Surface Laptop 4/Surface Laptop 3/Surface Book2
  • Apple: MacBook/MacBook Pro (2020/2019/2018/2017/2016), Macbook Air 2018-2020, Mac mini 2018-2020, iPad Pro 2018 or newer
  • Zenbook: 13'' ASUS Zenbook UX330UA/ASUS ZenBook 3/ZenBook 3PRO/ZenBook X series/U306/U321 series/U4100ROG/U5100UQ/ROG series
  • HP: HP EliteBook 850 G6 / HP EliteBook 755 G5 / HP Probook X360 435 G7 / HP EliteBook 840 G5-G8 / HP Elitebook 845 G7 / HP Probook 450 G8 / HP EliteBook 850 G7 & G8

What to do if the HDMI monitor is not recognized by your laptop?

  • Make sure your laptop's USB C port supports DisplayPort/video output.
  • Check your HDMI cable and monitor. (Connect the monitor to the laptop directly, see if it works)
  • Provide sufficient power supply from the USB C docking station.
  • Note: If you are not sure, please let us know. We will be happy to help you check whether this docking station is compatible with your device.


  • macOS Big Sur 11.0, Catalina 10.15 or later/ Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or later/Android/Chrome OS

Note: If you are not sure, please let us know. We will be happy to help you check whether this docking station is compatible with your device.