Docking Station 12 IN 1 Triple Display

By Selore

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Expand Your Workstation

SELORE 12-in-1 USB C docking station. Plug and Play. The hub would be ideal for everyday carrying, commuting, and traveling. A laptop docking station provides a stable connection and increases the productivity of your device by expanding the female Type C port to multiple possibilities of connectivity. You gain 12 extra ports of connectivity, making it easier to do more work in less time. Conveniently access the front USB and audio ports for those devices you plug in and unplug every day.

✔ 1x DisplayPort-4Kx2K@60Hz / 3840x2160 (work separately while source is DP1.4).
✔ 1x HDMI 1- 4Kx2K@30Hz / 3840x2160 max.
✔ 1x HDMI 2- 4Kx2K@60Hz / 3840x2160 (work separately while the source is DP1.4).
✔ 2x USB 3.0 - Up to 5Gbps data speed & maximum power output 5V/0.9A,
✔ 2x USB 2.0 - Add a keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, and more.
✔ 1x 3.5mm Combination Audio Jack - Listen to music or connect a headset with a microphone.
✔ 1x Gigabit Ethernet - Up to 1000Mbps, experience fast and reliable network speed.
✔ 1x USB-C PD3.0 - Support 100W power adapter. Upstream charging for the laptop.
✔ 1x SD/TF - Works with SD, SDHC, SDXC, and Micro SD. Read: 50-104MB/s, Write: 30-80MB/s. It can be read at the same time.
✔ 1x LED Power Light - Clear your USB C docking station work.



Why is there no video output?

  1. This USB c triple display docking station ONLY works with those devices that the USB Type C Port supports video output or DP Alt Mode.
  2. Please use the standard HDMI cable and please check if the cable is well connected.
  3. For Intel Graphics Card, it only supports 3 screens display, thus one screen (including a laptop screen) will not be displayed; For AMD Graphics Card, all four screens will be displayed.
  • Why is there no audio output from HDMI?

  1. Please make sure your monitor supports the Audio output function.
  2. Please set the external monitor as the default Audio output device.
  • Why does the output not reach 4K 60Hz? (The final resolution of HDMI output depends on your host devices.)

  1. Please make sure your monitor support 4K 60Hz.
  2. Please make sure the video source is 4K 60Hz.
  3. Please make sure to use the 2.0 or higher version HDMI cable.
  4. Please make sure your computer specification supports DP1.4.
  • Why Macbook only support Mirror Mode?

On Mac devices: CAN NOT support MST Display, ONLY Mirror Mode due to Mac OS limitation; Not support Macbook pro air mini M1.

Noted: Please Charge the laptop via the PD port: If your laptop owns an AC adapter, you'd better use the original charger directly connect the laptop to charge, because it will provide the fastest charge speed and HP/Dell does not allow 3rd party charger to charge their laptop.