USB C Docking Station 15 IN 1 with Dual HDMI

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Perfectly combined the function of a USB C hub and docking station

  • 3 Video transmission interfaces: 2x4K HDMI+1x4K DP, to achieve dual or triple display (Mirror Mode/Extend Mode), which brings screen collaboration and makes your efficiency several times higher than others.
  • 7 USB data transmission interfaces: USB 3.1 10Gbps+USB C 10Gbps, no need to wait long for file transfer, and reading and writing are incredibly smooth.
  • It is equipped with high-speed gigabit ethernet, 3.5mm audio port, 100W fast charging, and SD/Micro SD as a base.
  • Interface ( Range from right to left )

    • 1 * HOST: Connect to the laptop
    • 1 * USB3.1 Ports: Data transfer speed up to10Gbps
    • 1 * Micro SD Card Slot: Speed up to 104MB/s
    • 1 * SD Card Slot: Speed up to 250MB/s
    • 1 * 5mm Audio: Support audio and mic
    • 3 * USB3.0 Ports: Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps
    • 1 * Gigabit Ethernet: Max support 1000Mbps
    • 1 * USB2.0 Ports: Data transfer speed up to 480Mbps
    • 2 * 4K HDMI: HDMI 1: 4K 60Hzfor DP 1.4, HDMI 2: 4K 30Hz
    • 1 * 4K DP: Max resolution up to 4K 60HZfor DP1.4
    • 1 * USB C 1 Ports for data: Data transfer speed up to10Gbps
    • 1 * USB ports for charging and data: supports a maximum 100W charge when paired up with a compatible charger.
    Check carefully, in different modes, whether the laptop and the other 3 screens are switched on or off and whether the projected picture is the same.
  • For macOS (DP1.4/SST)
    • Dual monitor: [Mirror A+AA]+[Extend A+BB]
    • Triple monitor: [Mirror A+AAA]+[Extend A+BBB](NO A+BCD, A+BCC)
    For Windows (DP1.4/MST)
    • Dual monitor: [Mirror A+AA]+[Extend A+BB]+[Extend A+BC]
    • Triple monitor: [Mirror A+AA]+[Extend A+BC](NO A+BCD, A+BCC)
    (Please download the file on the computer to view the specific corresponding Interface)
    Pay Attention:
    • Windows OS supports MST triple display.
    • For Apple Mac OS, extend mode can only extend the laptop's images. Other monitors only mirror each other due to the Mac OS system restriction.
    • To connect four external monitors, your resolution will be limited to 1920 x 1080 displays at 30hz.
  • Triple Upgrades Based on Your Needs

    1. Speed upgrade- Normal docking station equipped with USB2.0 480Mpbs takes 3 minutes to transfer 10Gb files. Now we upgrade it to 10 Gpbs, it only takes 10 seconds.
    2. Function upgrade- 3x 4K video ports bring multifold clear and smooth video. Add an audio port, put on your earphones and headsets to enjoy music, and create meticulous audio.
    3. Cable upgrade- we provide a 3.2FT external HOST cable, which can be connected flexibly during installation, making a home or office tidier. At the same time, you can replace it with a longer video cable according to your actual needs to meet your diverse needs in the future.
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4, Type C Gen2 or USB-C Windows systems

    Please confirm that your USB C interface has the video transmission function, and you can find the interface introduced in the instruction manual of the output device. If you are not sure, you can also take pictures of the product model and interface and send them to us, and our professional technicians will help you 7*24h.