USB C HUB Adapters with 10Gbps 4 Ports

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Transfer 1GB of files in 1 second, quickly and efficiently transfer and backup data for your external devices.

20X faster than USB 2.0. With 4 port USB C hub adapter, your MacBook can connect hard disk, mouse, keyboard, USB C flash drive, etc.

By Selore

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10 Gbps SuperSpeed Transmission

The Selore USB C Hub expands a single Type-c port into 4 USB C ports up to 10Gbps, transferring or backing up your data easily and quickly.

Extra 4 USB C Data Ports

Selore USB C Hub is equipped with 4 USB C data ports for connecting more Type-C external devices, including external hard drives, USB flash drives, mice, cell phones, etc.

NOT charging

USB C 3.1 port does not support charging, mainly used for data transfer.

Transfer or backup your data more easily

10Gbps super speed data transfer reduces unnecessary waiting time

Easy to Carry Around

Compact and lightweight, allows you to expand your laptop's capabilities while on the go.


This usb c hub with 4 usb c port why does not support charging ??
This product is designed for data transfer only and it has a transfer speed of up to 10Gbps
Does this USB C hub get hot?
Compared to the plastic case, the aluminum case is better for heat dissipation.
How do I know if this usb c hub compatible with my laptop.
This usb c hub support all laptop which equiped with usb c port,but if you want 10Gbps data transfer you must assure your laptop support usb c 3.1.