USB C Docking Station 18 IN 1 with VGA Display

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Multiple Display USB C Docking Station Compatibility List:

Before you purchase, please confirm your source device owns the USB-C port which supports DP Alt Mode
  • For 16-in MacBook Pro (M1 Pro or M1 Max 2021) / 14-in MacBook Pro (M1 Pro or M1 Max 2021) / 15-in MacBook Pro (2019/ 2018/ 2017/ 2016) / 13-in MacBook Pro (Intel Core i7 2020/ 2019/ 2018/ 2017/ 2016) / 13-in MacBook Air (Intel Core i7 2020/ 2019/ 2018)
  • For Google Chromebook 2018/2017/2016, please note that Chrome OS doesn't support extend mode.
  • For Huawei Macbook Mate10/ Mate10 pro/ Mate20/ Mate20 pro / Mate30/ Mate30Pro6) Dell XPS13/15.
  • For Dell Latitude Series/Vostro Series/Precision Series/XPS series
  • For HP Spectre Notebook/EliteBook Series/Pro Series/Zbook Series
  • For Acer Aspire R13/V15 Nitro/V17 Nitro
  • For Asus Zenbook Pro UX Series/Asus Ling Yao 3, Ling Yao 3 PRO, Ling Yao X Series
  • For Lenovo ThinkPad 25/P Series/T Series/X Series/Yoga Series

Can NOT work with (Tested):

  • 13-in MacBook Pro (M1 2020) / 13-in MacBook Air (M1 2020) officially supports one external monitor.
  • HP EliteBook 745 G4 / HP Elitebook 820 G3 / HP EliteBook 828 G4 / HP 14s-be102TX / HP 14-ce1004TX 14 / HP Probook 650 G2 / HP Probook 455 G4 / HP Probook 430 G5 / HP Pavilion-14 bf116tx / HP Pavilion 15 ck009 / HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-CB / Lenovo IdeaPad 340s, Tablets / Google Pixel phones / Nintendo Switch / Acer Aspire A5 / Oneplus 5T Phone
If your laptop is not included in the list, please let us know, we are very glad to help you check if the adapter can work with your device.


  • For Compatible: Not all USB-C devices are created equal your device(s) may have firmware or software requirements to make it work with this device. For some windows laptops only equipped with one USB C port, we suggest you connect to HOST2 to get peripheral devices working via a USB C cable. Please be sure to provide the make and model of your laptop so that we can better assist you.
  • For Power: Please connect your power adapter to the USB C PD charging port of the dock before using it. Our docking station requires about 15W of power, and some OEM adapters only provide enough power to run the laptop that they come with. If you are presented with a warning, you may wish to consider purchasing a power supply that provides more than your OEM power supply does. Notice: Docking station supports Max 100W power pass through, If your laptop owns an AC adapter, you'd better use the original charger directly connect the laptop to charge, because then it will provide the fastest charge speed and HP/Dell does not allow 3rd party charger to charge their laptop.
  • For Windows Display: HOST1 system only drives HDMI1 display, other ports except HDMI1 are from HOST2 system, and for some Windows laptops only equipped with one USB C port, we suggest you connect to HOST2 to get peripheral devices working via USB C cord.
  • For Mac Display: HDMI1 output is from HOST 1 system, HDMI2+HDMI3+DP are from HOST 2 system, and due to the bandwidth limitation, these three ports all become 1080P. And Mac OS only supports A to B+ C/C/C.
  • For SSD:2 SSD Enclosure can support only NVMe M.2 and SATA M.2 SSDit does not support M.2 PCIe AHCI SSDs nor any SSD from Mac, Speed will vary depending on your computer's and SSD's performance.
  • For Heat: It is normal for the case to heat up, as high-speed M.2 drives generate heat while working. Please avoid touching the SSD while in use.
  • For Resolution: It's up to your device's output signal, You can check it by looking at the computer specs and the graphics card specs.
  • If you doubt about the specifications of your computer, please let us know, and we will help you solve it.
  • For Apple M1:The new M1 chip architecture does not support the video shunt function, which cannot support two or more thunder 3 ports to output video simultaneously.
  • Due to the process of EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) communication, your displays may cause your displays to blackout for a few seconds once plugged in. They should recover shortly, but the speed depends on the source device and monitor (1 minute at max).
  • Specific use method, you can download the Manual from the Listing, or let us know, we have professionals to help you.
Specific use method, you can download the Manual from the Listing, or let us know, we have professionals to help you.

Make sure the type c power delivery port on your laptop supports the DisplayPort Alt Mode and the type C port is USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen2) or Thunderbolt 3 port.

  • USB-C 3.1 Gen 1: 5Gbps bandwidth, only several models like Macbook 2015 could support one Display
  • USB-C 3.1 Gen 2: 10Gbps bandwidth, supports one or two Displays
  • USB 3.2: 20Gbps bandwidth, supports three Displays
  • Thunderbolt 3/4: 40Gbps bandwidth, support quadruple Displays.(With two HOSTs)
  • Half-Speed Thunderbolt 3: 20Gbps bandwidth only, support three Displays.
  • The source Laptop's power adapter must first be plugged into the USB-C Power Delivery port before connecting an external hard drive or multiple devices to the Docking Station. If your laptop utilizes an AC adapter, please use the OEM adapter to charge, as it will provide the fastest charging speed. HP and Dell do not allow 3rd party chargers to charge their equipment. And the USB-C port in most Gaming laptops doesn't support charging.