Selore 10Gbps USB C Hub with PD


5 IN 1 Laptop docking station: Latest upgrade Selore usb c dock to dual 4K60HZ HDMI ports, a 100W PD charging port, a USB-C port up to 5Gbps, two USB 3.0 ports up to 5Gbps and TF/SD card slot up to 104 M bps. Versatile and all-in-one dock, suitable for home and office use for effective work.

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If multiple devices transmit data, 10Gbps will be shunted

Powering the laptop while transferring data using the USB C Hub greatly enhances data transfer stability.


If i plug this into a usb-c charging port (like in my car), can i use it to charge my phone?
Sorry, this USB C hub multiport adapter is only used for data transfer and not for charging.
Will this work with a Yubikey?
Theoretically it is possible, but considering that there will be compatibility issues if Yubikey needs to install software. Any future questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Do I need the user manual to install the plugin?
Generally, the hub does not need to install plug-ins or drivers. It is a plug and play product. This product can usually be used for external mouse, keyboard, USB flash disk, mobile hard disk or other devices using USB-C data port. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, some printers or cameras that need to be installed with drivers, you need to install the drivers of the corresponding products.





5-IN-1 4-IN-1 9-IN-1 8-IN-1 2-IN-1
Monitors Output Port
✘ ✘ HDMI 2 HDMI, 1 Displayport, 1 VGA 2 Displayport
USB Ports
4 USB C Ports 4 USB C Ports 2 USB C Ports, 3 USB Ports USB C Port, 2 USB Ports ✘
PD Charging Port
100W PD Charging ✘ ✘ 100W PD Charging ✘
Card Readers Port
✘ ✘ MicroSD, SD ✘ ✘
Ethernet Port
✘ ✘ RJ45 ✘ ✘
10Gbps USB C Hub 10Gbps USB C Hub MacBook Adapter Multiple Monitor Adapter Dual Displayport Adapter